Google vs IBM Data Analytics Certificates Which is Better

Google vs IBM Data Analytics Certificates | Which is Better?

Google vs IBM Data Analytics Certificates | Which is Better?

  • 222LoneWolf – I 39 m working through the Google course right now about halfway through Class 3 and I 39 m also enjoying the more personal presentation style. It makes things feel more approachable. Really looking forward to getting to the SQL course now
  • Dar4583 – Loving the content Alex. Is the Google cert of any use to people outside of the US trying to find jobs Or are companies in the US open to International applicants upon completion of this certificate
  • trav is dead – Sally was absolutely great. That was easily one of my favorite sections in the course and she was easily one of the best instructors on it.
  • Sai Chaitanya Kumbhari – Everything 39 s fine but how it 39 s R and i was in python from an year
  • AndroidCovenant – Question As someone with no experience or knowledge of Data Analytics would it be better to do the individual courses on Udemy first before pursuing the Google IBM certificate on Coursera Just like Alex did….

Google vs IBM Data Analyst Certification Which should you take Today we do a quick comparison of these 2 popular certifications on Coursera and then I ll give my recommendation on which one I think you should take. Certification Links Google http 3cnv9J1 IBM http 3c9Himf YouTube Videos Google Data Analyst Video https watch v wnapnTAMj68 IBM Data Analyst Video https watch v eFDbE5Yunj0 Supplementary Python Course Recommendations On Udemy http 3qsuU4A On Coursera https 3geiVDG ____________________________________________ SUBSCRIBE Do you want to become a Data Analyst That s what this channel is all about My goal is to help you learn everything you need in order to start your career or even switch your career into Data Analytics. Be sure to subscribe to not miss out on any content ____________________________________________ RESOURCES Udemy Courses Python for Data Analysis and Visualization https 3hhX4LX Statistics for Data Science https 37jqDbq SQL for Data Analysts SSMS https 3fkqEij Tableau A Z http 385lYvN Coursera Courses Google Data Analyst Certification http 3cnv9J1 Data Analysis with Python https 3geiVDG Data Analysis Specialization https 3xS80YM Tableau Data Visualization https 3rpoHII Please note I may earn a small commission for any purchase through these links Thanks for supporting the channel ____________________________________________ SUPPORT MY CHANNEL PATREON MERCH Patreon Page https AlexTheAnalyst Alex The Analyst Shop https stores alex the analyst shop ____________________________________________ Websites GitHub https AlexTheAnalyst ____________________________________________ 0 00 Introduction 0 46 IBM Certification Overview 1 21 Google Certification Overview 1 59 Differences 3 09 SALLY 4 14 My Recommendation 5 27 Really Good Advice 5 35 Thanks For Watching All opinions or statements in this video are my own and do not reflect the opinion of the company I work for or have ever worked for

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