R Bioinformatics BLAST metagenomics

R Bioinformatics  BLAST metagenomics

R Bioinformatics BLAST metagenomics

  • Sim Kae Hwan – hi Dr H thank you so much for your videos they are all very helpful. However I have a question when i do ClusterSplit the R console will crash. Do you know the reason
  • Vikrant Nag – Thanks you for making these videos Dr H. It will be great if you can make a video on Time series forecasting. There were very few resources available on how to do SKU forecasting in R. If you can make then it will be very helpful for all of us. Thanks again

Using BLAST to identify an unknown respiratory virus from metatranscriptomic sequencing of bronchoalveolar fluid A case study in finding SARS CoV 2. Code https github.com rsh249 bio331_2021 blob main R BLAST_metagenomics_demo.R Course materials https bio331.devbioinformatics.org metagenomics.html


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