Python Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi With Notes

Python Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi (With Notes) 🔥

Python Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi (With Notes) 🔥

  • Sk films – a input Enter your number lt br gt a int a lt br gt sqr a a lt br gt print The squre of the number is sqr chapter 2 set number 6 find the squre
  • DB – Where are the notes They aren 39 t available on the site.
  • yash khattar – lt a href https watch v gfDE2a7MKjA amp t 6m52s gt 6 52 lt a gt lt br gt def multi num lt br gt lt br gt for x in range 1 11 lt br gt print str num x str x str num x lt br gt lt br gt num 5 lt br gt print multi num
  • Nitika Lall – Harry u r amazing. I am from a non it background just switched to data science. your videos are really really helpful u explain each topic so well..Thank u so much
  • Ahmad Aqeel – Harry Bhai negative index mai full string Kaisa print Kara 5 1 to harr return Kara ga 1 Ka bad kya kara

Learn Python One Video in Hindi This Python Programming in Hindi tutorial is a complete python course in Hindi comprising of 13 Python chapters and 3 Python Projects. After watching this course you can learn Python programming easily in Hindi. This Python programming course for beginners in Hindi is designed keeping in mind the current trend and recent changes in Python. This course is designed to teach Python to beginners making it one of the best sources to learn python in Hindi for beginners. Get ready to learn python programming in a fun way and make sure to download the python notes which are included with this video. Hope you enjoy this course on python programming for beginners in Hindi. Download Python in Hindi Notes amp Other Material https videos python tutorial easy for beginners TimeStamps Course Logistics 00 00 00 Chapter 0 Introduction 00 08 58 Chapter 1 Modules Comments amp Pip 00 14 17 Chapter 1 Practice Set 00 33 10 Chapter 2 Variables amp Data Types 00 44 35 Chapter 2 Practice Set 01 25 10 Chapter 3 Strings 01 39 10 Chapter 3 Practice Set 02 16 56 Chapter 4 Lists amp Tuples 02 35 04 Chapter 4 Practice Set 03 07 10 Chapter 5 Dictionary amp Sets 03 20 12 Chapter 5 Practice Set 03 57 25 Chapter 6 Conditional Expressions 04 19 21 Chapter 6 Practice Set 04 48 53 Chapter 7 Loops in Python 05 14 34 Chapter 7 Practice Set 05 45 11 Chapter 8 Functions amp Recursion 06 07 35 Chapter 8 Practice Set 06 36 28 Project 1 Snake Water Gun Game 06 52 30 Chapter 9 File I O 07 06 55 Chapter 9 Practice Set 07 28 11 Chapter 10 Object Oriented Programming 08 08 38 Chapter 10 Practice Set 09 17 22 Chapter 11 Inheritance 09 48 30 Chapter 11 Practice Set 10 55 24 Project 2 The Perfect Guess 11 37 01 Part 2 of this video https watch v 61a7UkDO50s Covered in Part 2 of this Video Chapter 12 Advanced Python 1 Chapter 12 Practice Set Chapter 13 Advanced Python 2 Chapter 13 Practice Set Project 3 Library Management System Checkout my English channel here https ProgrammingWithHarry Click here to subscribe https channel UCeVMnSShP_Iviwkknt83cww Best Hindi Videos For Learning Programming Learn Python In One Video https watch v ihk_Xglr164 Python Complete Course In Hindi https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9agICnT8t4iYVSZ3eykIAOME C Language Complete Course In Hindi https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9aiXlHcLx mDH1Qul38wD3aR amp disable_polymer true JavaScript Complete Course In Hindi https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9ajyk081To1Cbt2eI5913SsL Learn JavaScript in One Video https watch v onbBV0uFVpo Learn PHP In One Video https watch v xW7ro3lwaCI Django Complete Course In Hindi https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9ah7DDtYtflgwMwpT3xmjXY9 Machine Learning Using Python https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9ai6fAMHp acBmJONT7Y4BSG Creating amp Hosting A Website Tech Blog Using Python https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9agAiWp6Y41ueUKx1VcTRxmf Advanced Python Tutorials https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9aiJWQ7VhY712fuimEpQZYp4 Object Oriented Programming In Python https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9ahfRrhFcoB 4lpp9YaBmdCP Python Data Science and Big Data Tutorials https playlist list PLu0W_9lII9agK8pojo23OHiNz3Jm6VQCH Follow Me On Social Media Website created using Flask http Facebook https CodeWithHarry Instagram https codewithharry Personal Facebook A c https geekyharis Twitter https Haris_Is_Here

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