Introduction to Biopython Part 1

Introduction to Biopython (Part 1)

Introduction to Biopython (Part 1)

    • Maira Thorn – How did u open the terminal Terminal means command prompt or what lt br gt U guys at least make us understand how to install it for windows God sake lt br gt Its been 2 days i have no idea how m gonna use biopython
    • Muchamad Dafip – hey I am a mac user and I have two version of python inside 2.7.10 and 3.8.5 . lt br gt I 39 ve downloaded Biopython and try both pip install biopython the reply is requirement already satisfied or using your way by dragging the directory to the terminal. lt br gt But the reply is biopython foldername is a directory lt br gt then I start to run python lt a href http gt lt a gt build but the reply is lt br gt Complete output 1 lines lt br gt Biopython requires Python 3.6 or later. Python 2.7 detected. lt br gt lt br gt then in line after I tried python3.8 lt a href http gt lt a gt build but the reply is usr local bin python3.8 can 39 t open file 39 39 Errno 2 No such file or directory lt br gt lt br gt and it is so frustrated i was searched the solution on the internet but i have no more clues to help. lt br gt lt br gt please your help
    • Maide Canyakar – That voice sounds so calm
    • – Very useful and easy to follow Thank you so much
    • Watch amp Learn – Hi when I typed sudo python lt a href http gt lt a gt install i got an error 39 sudo 39 is not recognized as an internal or external command lt br gt operable program or batch file. please help

    This video walks users through installing biopython creating a sequence object with biopython and using biopython functions.



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