Compare Machine Learning Classifiers in Python

Compare Machine Learning Classifiers in Python

Compare Machine Learning Classifiers in Python

  • John Peter – Explanation is Great. Thank you.
  • charlyn villavicencio – Thank you data professor.
  • Kamran Kerim – exactly what I needed
  • Sabah Anwar Azmi – how to find the accuracy_score f1_score recall_score and precision_score
  • Abhijith Sivadas – Great Video I have been looking for something similar to this. Thank a ton

In this video I will show you how to compare the performance of several machine learning classifiers in Python. Particularly we will generate a synthetic classification dataset and compare an exhaustive set of 14 machine learning algorithms from the scikit learn package. Buy me a coffee https dataprofessor CODE https dataprofessor code blob master python comparing classifiers.ipynb Playlist Check out our other videos in the following playlists. Data Science 101 https dataprofessor ds101 Data Science YouTuber Podcast https datascience youtuber podcast Data Science Virtual Internship https dataprofessor internship Bioinformatics http dataprofessor bioinformatics Data Science Toolbox https dataprofessor datasciencetoolbox Streamlit Web App in Python https dataprofessor streamlit Shiny Web App in R https dataprofessor shiny Google Colab Tips and Tricks https dataprofessor google colab Pandas Tips and Tricks https dataprofessor pandas Python Data Science Project https dataprofessor python ds R Data Science Project https dataprofessor r ds Subscribe If you re new here it would mean the world to me if you would consider subscribing to this channel. Subscribe https dataprofessor sub_confirmation 1 Recommended Tools Kite is a FREE AI powered coding assistant that will help you code faster and smarter. The Kite plugin integrates with all the top editors and IDEs to give you smart completions and documentation while you rsquo re typing. I ve been using Kite and I love it Check out Kite https get kite utm_medium referral amp utm_source youtube amp utm_campaign dataprofessor amp utm_content description only Recommended Books Hands On Machine Learning with Scikit Learn https 3hTKuTt Data Science from Scratch https 3fO0JiZ Python Data Science Handbook https 37Tvf8n R for Data Science https 2YCPcgW Artificial Intelligence The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review https 33jTdcv AI Superpowers China Silicon Valley and the New World Order https 3nghGrd Stock photos graphics and videos used on this channel https c 2346717 628379 4662 Follow us Medium http chanin medium FaceBook http dataprofessor Website http Under construction Twitter https thedataprof Instagram https data.professor LinkedIn https in chanin nantasenamat GitHub 1 https dataprofessor GitHub 2 https chaninlab Disclaimer Recommended books and tools are affiliate links that gives me a portion of sales at no cost to you which will contribute to the improvement of this channel s contents. dataprofessor machinelearning datascienceproject classifier classifiers compare comparison classification randomforest decisiontree svm neuralnet neuralnetwork supportvectormachine python learnpython pythonprogramming datascience datamining bigdata datascienceworkshop dataminingworkshop dataminingtutorial datasciencetutorial ai artificialintelligence tutorial dataanalytics dataanalysis machinelearningmodel

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